Felix Götze

Felix Götze Shirt

A new Felix Götze shirt of your very own from FC Bayern Munich

There are two things one can never have enough of: high quality sportswear and FC Bayern Munich swag, which is why we’re proud to bring you another addition to our player series – the Felix Götze shirt, right here in the FC Bayern Munich fan store. Felix Götze takes to the field with the fury you’ve come to expect from all of our players, and his contributions not only to FC Bayern, but also to the German National team, are hard to beat. As one of our star defenders, nothing gets past our number 20, and infused with the spirit of your favourite player, nothing will get past you either, whether it’s at your own games or simply not missing out on the next FC Bayern game.

Felix Götze shirts for men, women and children

Following in the footsteps of his older brother Mario Götze, a former FC Bayern and German National team champion player, Felix has firmly established that expertise, agility, and awareness clearly run in the family. All of our player shirts are available in a range of FC Bayern Munich colours including our home game red, away game blue, and the Champions’ League white, so you can collect all three and cheer on your favourite players no matter where we’re playing. Not only that, the Felix Götze shirt is available in numerous sizes and cuts for men, women and children – so nobody is left out. All of our apparel comes fully branded with Götze’s number 20, the iconic FC Bayern Munich logo and that of our sportswear supplier adidas, so everyone you meet will know exactly which team – and which player – you stand behind.

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Making your purchase from the FC Bayern Munich store is the easiest thing you’ll do today. You can always rest assured that your products are of the finest quality and craftsmanship – a guarantee when it comes to apparel from our supplier adidas. The order process takes only a couple of minutes and in no time at all we’ll have your brand-new Felix Götze shirt processed and ready to be shipped straight to your door. Looking to round off your kit? Try pairing your new shirt with a pair of matching FC Bayern shorts and make sure that your love of FC Bayern is as clear as day.