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Demonstrate your support for Xabi Alonso and FC Bayern when you don your brand-new Xabi Alonso jersey. To understand the mind of Xabi Alonso, one must have seen him on the field. If FCB is in possession of the ball, it falls to the midfield to form the structure of play. Xabi’s tremendous experience is put to good work when this right-footer takes to the field and his opponents rush forward, intent on passing him and scoring a goal. But that doesn’t happen. With Xabi Alonso, control of the ball is paramount and his brilliant attack moves and footwork ensure that the oncoming players are no match. Xabi is a major player in the ranks of Bayern München and as a midfielder represents one of the most important positions on the field at any given time. Midfield is the ultimate support role, holding up both the offence and the defence and creating a strong structure for the team to move forward.

Xabi Alonso – an experienced midfielder

Xabi Alonso was born in the small Basque town of Tolosa, and began his football career at the northern Spanish club Real Sociedad. After an outstanding performance, he moved to Britain in 2004 to play for Liverpool FC, with whom he won the Champions League. This would turn out to be a success that would repeat itself ten years later while playing for FCB. As a European champion, he moved to Real Madrid in 2008. He played for the legendary Spanish national team and was part of the first world title for Spain. For the 2014/2015 season, Xabi Alonso came to Bayern München to support the team with his intelligence and experience. A day after his transfer to FC Bayern, Xabi – already in his number 14 jersey and on the field – the fans of FCB got their first taste of his talent. Xabi is a true master of his trade and able to lead his team with coordination, calm and experience.

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With players like Xabi Alonso on the team, you always have a sense of security because you know that you have someone to rely on. Xabi is no exception and through his calm and collectiveness he has endeared himself to teammates and fans alike. If you’re a fan and you want to own the jersey of a legend, order your Xabi Alonso jersey from the FC Bayern online fan store and show the world which player and which club you stand behind.