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adidas BB T-Shirt German Champion 2018

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ONETHOUSANDFOURHUNDREDFIFTYNINEPLUSONE (in numbers 1.459 + 1) days we had to wait. It has been so long since FC BAYERN BASKETBALL last lifted the championship trophy. In 40 wins in the BBL, the team sweated, fought and gave everything to leave the floor as a winner. The culmination of the season is perfect with the double and you will find the symbolic victory sign on the master shirt. At the same time we cut off a piece of the net with it - just as the old basketball ritual demands. With your support you have accompanied the team on their long journey. Now it's time to celebrate: WE ARE CUTTING THE NETS!
Get your Champion Shirt 2018 - we deserve it together!
  • T-shirt
  • MEISTER 2018 lettering on the chest in white
  •   "CUT THE NET" - graphic on the chest in white / bordeaux red
  • FCBB logo in the middle
  • Adidas logo sleeve left
Colour: red
Material: 95% cotton / 5% organic cotton