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Book Die drei ??? Kids, Bundesliga Alarm

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Justus, Peter and Bob travel round Germany with their Auntie Mathilda and Uncle Titus. Suddenly they get caught up in a mystery that takes them through the history of the Bundesliga – the Bundesliga shield has been stolen! Luckily Justus, Peter and Bob are on hand to help solve the puzzle. The sneaky thief leads the Die drei??? Kids through the Bundesliga – from Hamburger SV to FC Bayern, from Eintracht Braunschweig to VfB Stuttgart, the kids find themselves investigating clues at a total of 27 clubs. Will they catch the thief?


  • Die drei ??? Kids, Bundesliga Alarm book
  • Hard cover
  • 216 pages  
  • Language: german

Colour: -
Material: Paper / cardboard
Size: 223mm x 160mm