Relaxed sleepwear and pajamas with FC Bayern logo

For a pleasant night’s sleep it’s hard to go wrong with a set of official FC Bayern München pajamas from our sleepwear collection. Thanks to our fashionable designs, you can now eat your extended weekend breakfast in comfort with casual and comfortable home wear. Take a peek through the store and check out our wide selection of two-piece pajama sets for all seasons. We have warm, plaid pajamas that are perfect for cooler seasons and lighter fabrics for the warmer months. Fan pajamas for the entire family are available in the standard FC Bayern colours as well as in subtle earth tones and plaid. Purchase online now and find out just how convenient the ordering process is.

Get comfortable in your new pajamas – only in the FC Bayern fan shop

Finding comfort at night can be a real struggle sometimes, but with our FCB pajamas you’re sure to have an easier time falling – and staying – asleep. Our light and comfy fabrics and gentle elastic keep you cosy and cool at the same time, allowing for a better night’s sleep no matter what season it is. IN fact, our fabrics are so cosy that you won’t want to take them off the next day. No problem! Thanks to the stylish design and great colour selection you can lounge around at home all day without fear of discomfort or lack of modesty. Trendy, colourful accents or a layered look round off our comfortable sleepwear. A discreet FC Bayern logo adorns the chest and the trouser leg or waistband on women’s pants. Our nightwear is the perfect fit for every fan of FC Bayern München.

Explore long and short sleepwear online

No matter what time of year it is, with pajamas from the FC Bayern online shop you’ll be comfortable. Our pyjama collection includes styles for both warmer and cooler months with short or long pants available at your preference. Even better, our pajamas can be mixed-and-matched. So you can wear the top from one set with the bottom from another and retain the same comfort and durability. Check out our wide selection of colours including the standard Bayern-red. Our collection is cut and shaped for men, women and children. Kids’ sleepwear is equally versatile and colourful. Outfit your entire family with our official collection of FC Bayern München sleepwear.

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