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Gingerbread Heart Mia san mia (230g)

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  • 230 g



Ingredients Gingerbread: wheat flour *, sugar, water, rye flour *, baking ingredients: E501 and E503, spice mixture, acidifier: lactic acid, dye E150c,

Ingredients: Sugar, water, chicken egg white, glucose

Dyes: E104, E110, E124

Ingredients Decorator: sugar, glucose syrup, wheat starch, apricot kernels, vegetable fat, moisturizing agent sorbitol, thickener E466, E414, Carthamus extract, dyes: E120, E132, E171

Allergen: This product may contain traces of soy and mustard.

Store at 70-80% relative humidity. Included coloring materials can

Activity and attention in children.

Note: Packaging is not  for children under 5 years.

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