Fabian Benko

Fabian Benko Jersey from FC Bayern

Slip into a brand new Fabian Benko jersey and get to the arena!

Make a brand-new Fabian Benko jersey the latest addition to your FC Bayern Munich kit. Instil in yourself the ferocity and intensity that your favourite midfielder brings to each and every game. Whether he’s dribbling or sending the ball across the field, Benko’s split-second decisions are always sound, and his timing perfect. You can also step up your game by getting inspired with the spirit of Fabian Benko. Get yourself into a number 40 jersey of your very own and head to the Allianz Arena for our next match! Whether you’re cheering from the stadium or the comfort of your own home, our team relies on your support and club spirit, so don’t stop cheering!

Our players’ jerseys are available to all

The FC Bayern Fabian Benko jersey is available in multiple sizes, fits and colours. We’ve always got home game red, away game grey and our Champions League white so you can root for Benko no matter where Bayern is playing – be it home at the Allianz Arena or away, elsewhere in the Bundesliga. Our jerseys are made with high standards and quality materials. The adidas Climacool fabrics are light and flexible, allowing for optimal mobility both on and off the field. Whether you’re a fan of the team, cheering in the stands or simply looking for something comfortable to wear around your home, you won’t be disappointed with a Fabian Benko jersey. When the action heats up, the highly breathable materials are great for keeping cool and comfortable, and can quickly wick the sweat up and off of your skin, leaving you dry, especially when things pick up or the temperature rises.

Cheer for your favourite midfielders and let your team spirit soar

FC Bayern Munich’s fans mean the world to us. Without you we wouldn’t have as much meaning as we do, and you are as much a part of the club as your favourite players. We want to help you continue to support our beloved team with your vigour and love. Fans of Fabian Benko, and all the rest of our players, can celebrate FC Bayern’s victories with our high-quality outfits and accessories. Grab yourself a pair of our matching football shorts and really round off your kit with excellent-quality clothing and accessories from FC Bayern Munich and adidas.