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Joy is the basis of success in sport. Any player who fails to go about the daily business of training joyfully, or who is not infused with joyful anticipation when he runs out at the Allianz Arena, will never experience the greatest joy of all: triumphs, championships and trophies! FC Bayern's joyful approach on the field of play spills over into the stands, where the fans support their club and celebrate with the players. Of course, sport also involves the opposite emotion, sorrow. Who will ever forget the players and fans’ tears after the devastating 2–1 defeat to Manchester United in the 1999 Champions League final? Or the brutal “Finale dahoam” in 2012? But even shattering defeats cannot be allowed to dampen the joy of playing. Feeling and communicating joy is as much a part of our club as red is one of its colours.


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