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Injury Update from the US

Martinez: "I'm feeling encouraged"

It’s been almost three weeks since Javi Martinez tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the German Supercup against Borussia Dortmund. The 25-year-old landed awkwardly after jumping up and colliding with an opposing player. Scans confirmed the worst the next day as the Spaniard faced a lengthy layoff. But two weeks on and with a successful surgery behind him, Martinez is already making great strides on the road to recovery. “I’m feeling good and encouraged. My knee is getting much better each day,” he told from his rehab center in Denver, Colorado. “I spent two days out of sorts, but now I see that my knee is responding to the surgery.”

Martinez is hard at work rehabbing his knee and has been keeping himself busy from the day he arrived, “The first day I consulted with the doctor. The second day was the surgery. On the third day the rehabilitation really began. I worked on joint mobility, flexing and extension of the knee, some strength exercises and lots of icing.” Although he’s away from the field, the Spanish international is still focused on keeping fit, “Because my mobility is impeded, I am making an effort to focus on nutrition. As soon as the physio gives me the green light, I will begin resuming upper body conditioning.”

Mindset is most important

Earlier this summer, FC Bayern welcomed back a player all too familiar with recovering from this kind of injury. Holger Badstuber spent nearly 20 months on the sidelines recovering from knee injuries. He is one of many peers Martinez has received advice and support from since his injury. “I got tips not only from Badstuber but also from other teammates and friends who have suffered the same injury. They all agree that mindset is the most important factor of the recovery,” he said.

Switching gears, Martinez also commented on the team’s form early in the season and their trip to the US this summer. “It was a shame that we didn’t win the first title of the season,” he said referring to the Supercup against Dortmund, “but in general, I believe the team has been doing extremely well.” As well as they can possibly do considering how many players in the squad played in the World Cup and took part in the US tour, a part of the summer Javi very much enjoyed, “The trip to the United States was an important step for the club as well as for the players.

“I was amazed by the great support we had in the States. The stadiums were packed even though soccer is still growing there. I would definitely go back,” he said enthusiastically.  For now, though, he will have to continue his recovery and watch his teammates from afar. But there is no doubt that he he’s heading in the right direction, and it’s only a matter of time before we see him back out on the pitch. Javi, we wish you a speedy recovery!