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Taylor Interview

"I love playing in the Audi Dome"

Shooting Guard, Captain, Athlete: 29-year-old Californian Bryce Taylor is a crucial player for FC Bayern Basketball. We caught up with him to discuss the play-offs.

#FCBB: Bryce, the play-offs are finally here. What does that mean for you?

Bryce Taylor: Last year’s play-offs were great. We all worked well together and were rewarded for our efforts. We lifted the trophy on 18th June and it will be a moment that those of us involved will never forget.

#FCBB: How does it differ from the regular season?

Taylor: They’re more demanding. There’s a different energy around the club. These are the sort of games you look forward to. You face the same team consecutively and try to get the better of them. Over the series you begin to learn their weaknesses and then try hard to capitalise on them. There’s a lot of pressure in those games.

#FCBB: Does the spirit in the camp change during the post-season?

Taylor: Of course. It’s a new season for us, it’s a new start. We don’t think about what’s gone on before – our focus is only on these games. It’s an exciting time for sure.

#FCBB: How does your role as captain differ during the play-offs? 

Taylor: I try my hardest to lead by example. The role was tricky for me to start with, especially as I was injured so didn’t really know how to interact with the role. I’m not one for emotional speeches – over the course of the year I’ve learned that less is more. The main thing is that we all do our jobs. It’s also worth remembering that the coach plays a key role.

#FCBB: What are Bayern’s strengths?

We have a great offense. Nihad’s return has bosoted us and we’re good under the boards thanks to the likes of John, Dusko, Vladimir and Yassin. We’ve improved defensively over the course of the season, but there is still room for improvement. Strong defending is critical during the play-offs.

#FCBB: How important are the supporters?

Taylor: They have a big role to play, as we saw on Saturday. I love playing in the Audi Dome, especially when it’s a big, action packed game as the supporters go crazy. As players we can certainly feel it when the supporters are being vocal, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in on the court. It’s also great to silence an opposing crowd in their own arena. It’s great to play in front a full house and grab a victory.