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FCB coaches visit GPS teams in the US

FCB coaches visit 10 GPS clubs in the U.S.

FC Bayern Junior Team Operations Manager Sebastian Dremmler and Thomas Döllner are currently in the U.S. on their technical visit as part of FC Bayern and official youth development partner Global Premier Soccer's (GPS) partnership. The junior team coaches will visit ten new GPS clubs in Orlando, Fort Myers, Atlantic City, San Jose, and San Francisco from December 7-18. A total of 22 training sessions with the various teams are planned, with three days of training for GPS coaches. GPS currently has more than 73,000 active players in 101 clubs across 14 states.

"The partnership has developed really well and we can be happy with the way things are going so far," said Dremmler. "Of course there's always room for improvement, that's why we do these technical visits and check the level of play on site." GPS's best players will compete in next summer's Residential Cup, and there's a chance some of the youth players from the new clubs that Dremmler and Döllner visit will be there.

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