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Contract extensions

Lotzen, Schnaderbeck, Bürki extend with FCB

Germany international Lena Lotzen (22), Austria international and captain Viktoria Schaderbeck (25) and Switzerland international Vanessa Bürki (30) have extended their contracts for two years through June 30, 2018.

“Lena, Viki, and Vanessa are crucial to FC Bayern’s foundation and will continue to play important roles here in the future,” said general manager Karin Danner.

Along with Katharina Baunach, Bürki is one of the longest-serving players on Thomas Wörle’s squad – Viktoria Schnaderbeck joined FC Bayern from DFC LUV Graz in 2007, and Lena Lotzen in 2010.

“I’m looking forward to continue working together at FC Bayern,” said coach Thomas Wörle of the contract extensions. “Vanessa is a very experienced, prolific striker who combines well and has been a part of the development of the women’s game at FC Bayern since 2006. Viki’s also developed and has matured into an influential personality in the team. She’s a versatile player and well-rounded defender. Lena hasn’t had an easy time the last couple of years because of her injuries, but we all know her and believe in her exceptional qualities and abilities. I wish for her, and for all of us, that she’ll be able to be back training and playing with the team regularly.”

Lena Lotzen: “I’m really happy about the trust the club has put in me. FC Bayern has stood by me during the long and difficult injury layoff, and I’m very thankful for that. Now I’ll give everything I’ve got to be back on the pitch again and be a part of what’s grown here over the last few years.”

Viktoria Schnaderbeck: “The contract extension at FC Bayern wasn’t just the right decision career-wise but also a decision of the heart. I have a great environment in which I can continue to develop in the future. I’m looking forward to two more years in Munich and am convinced that we’ve still got further to go on our path.”

Vanessa Bürki: “I’m looking forward to two more years at FC Bayern Munich and want to do my part so that we’re successful in the future. I feel very comfortable in Munich and have a great environment here both professionally as well as privately.”