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Reaction to FCB v Schalke

'We weren't compact enough'

The Munich men would have liked to delight their fans in their first home match in 2017, but had to settle for a 1-1 draw against FC Schalke. "It was a tough match for us, Schalke played well," head coach Carlo Ancelotti said after the encounter, praising the visitors' performance. Manuel Neuer commented: "We can't always be lucky as we were recently against Freiburg."

Reaction to Bayern v Schalke

Carlo Ancelotti: "It was a tough match for us, Schalke played well. We started well, but weren't compact enough later. Our rearguard and midfield line weren't close enough to each other. We failed to win possession in the crucial moments, that's why we had problems. Overall it wasn't enough, we'll focus on the next match now."

Manuel Neuer: "Of course it's always about the result, but also about the way we played. Things didn't go as planned in the first half, that's clear. We tried everything in the second half and were somewhat unlucky in terms of our chances in the closing stages. We can't always be lucky as we were recently against Freiburg."

Markus Weinzierl (Schalke coach): "We turned in a decent display especially in the first half. We stomached the early goal well. We didn't take two gilt-edged chances later, we should have gone up then. We failed to do it, so we were under pressure in the second half. It's also clear that you need luck against Bayern's individual class. We had that luck."

Benedikt Höwedes (Schalke): "We played with courage, everybody wanted to have the ball. We weren't knocked out of our stride by the opener. We rewarded ourselves then and almost took the lead later. The draw was deserved in view of the second half."

Holger Badstuber (Schalke): "We had ambitious plans. It was very emotional of course, but I didn't let myself be moved by it. We did a good job. The 1-1 draw is okay for everyone. We were the outsiders, we did it well in light of this. Personally I'm not satisfied because we could have won."