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Weißbier at the Allianz Arena

Master strategist Ancelotti enjoys a shower

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Former midfield maestro Carlo Ancelotti knew of course what awaited him on Saturday. The Bayern headcoach, usually wearing fine garments, opted for a tracksuit to weather the inevitable Bavarian Weißbier showers.

After the handover Ancelotti was immediately drenched. Arjen Robben was the first to empty a full glass on his head, Thomas Müller and Arturo Vidal soon added another three litres. The Italian was in for much more, but grabbed a number of glasses himself to take revenge.

'I'm still alive'

Philipp Lahm was another popular victim after his final appearance. Hermann Gerland was the first to shower the Bayern captain. That Lahm was in the middle of a TV interview did not matter on Saturday. Tiger Gerland then chased Renato Sanches with another glass.

"I'm still alive. It was fun, but also a bit cold," Ancelotti said with a grin as he left the Allianz Arena in traditional Tracht after a (regular) shower: "It'll be more difficult for my players next year." The Bayern head coach visibly enjoyed the beginning of the party.