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Alekzander-Boris Sinabov

Alekzander-Boris Sinabov


    • Hometown club VfR Garching
    • Foot Right
    • Favorite Bayern player Robert Lewandowski
    • Favorite Bayern legend Franck Ribery
    • Sporting goal Be the best goalscorer in the world
    • Personal idol My dad
    • Match you'll never forget watching 2013 Champions League final: Bayern 2-1 Dortmund
    • #OnceInALifetime - What do you want to do once in your life? Skydiving
    • What 5 things would you take with you to a desert island? Water, headphones, football, phone, knife
    • Favorite song Blaues Licht (Raf Camora feat. Bonez MC)
    • Favorite series The Last Dance
    • Favorite film Rocky Balboa
    • Favorite food Pizza/pasta
    • Favorite app Instagram
    • Favorite social media account and why? 433 - with its latest football news