Coach Radonjic discusses contract extension and new season

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Dejan Radonjic is currently spending his holidays at home in Belgrade, where he has been suffering from a feverish infection for days. The Bayern coach will probably return to Munich next week but he has already given an initial preview of the coming season.

Dejan, the decision to continue the job in Munich was made quite quickly. You already mentioned that you would like to stay. . .

Dejan Radonjic: " . . . yes, I didn't even have to think about that for a few seconds. And now I am very happy about the trust that the club has placed in me again. The time of getting to know each other was short and intense but I think this exciting phase was very positive for both sides. It makes me very proud that I can accompany such a strong organisation as FC Bayern Basketball into a very exciting future."

Now the team is finally assembled.

"Yes, I am in daily contact with Marko Pesic and Daniele Baiesi. We hope to keep the core of our successful team together. Of course,  new players will join because the next challenge in the EuroLeague will be anything but easy. It's the first time for our club: For the best 16 teams, you're guaranteed 30 games. I have already had experience with the format in the first year of the new system with Red Star."

Which experiences were formative?

"Of course, the many journeys, between the games you really only travel. It's going to be a tough year, and we have to be ready for it. It's also special because there are five weeks in which you have two games. Another difference is that you always play against top teams, which wasn't always the case in the preliminary rounds. But it is precisely these tasks for which we are all working incredibly hard here."

How big does the squad have to be?

"I think we need at least 14 players. This year we had seven international players, let's see if there will be more. The number of foreign professionals is not important - they just have to be able to play."

The start of the season is made even more difficult because there is another window for the national teams beforehand.

Yes, many of us will be on our way. Therefore it would be good to have all access with the players at training start in mid-August. That is our goal, but sometimes the reality is different. The player market is very busy again.


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