Bayern concedes 85-83 home loss to Braunschweig

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After a great performance in the EuroLeague, FC Bayern's basketball team once again failed to master the next task in the BBL and lost to an underdog. A good 24 hours after returning from their 82-72 triumph at FC Barcelona, the Munich team unexpectedly lost to the Lions from Braunschweig 85-83. For the hosts, this time coached by co-trainer Adriano Vertemati it was the seventh loss on the 29th gameday. After a weak third quarter (31-22), Bayern  turned the game in the final phase to 83-80, but in the last minute they made several mistakes which cost them the win.

Bayern is already challenged again in the BBL on Tuesday evening, starting at18:30 at Telekom Baskets of Bonn.  


FC Bayern Basketball – Basketball Löwen Braunschweig: 83-85 (38-37)


Leon Radosevic (23 Points), Vladimir Lucic (18/ 6 Rebounds), Paul Zipser (11), Diego Flaccadori (8), D.J.Seeley (6), James Gist (6), Zan Mark Sisko(5/ 6 Assists), Jason George (4), JaJuan Johnson (2), David Krämer , Robin Amaize und Sasha Grant

Top scorer Braunschweig:

Karim Jallow (24 Points)


Benjamin Barth, Johannes Hack, Tim Krause

Points per quarter Bayern - Braunschweig: 16-18, 22-19, 22-31, 23-17

Stats: Two-point shooting: 63% (FCBB) // 57% (Braunschweig); Three-point shooting: 33% // 47%; Free-throw shooting: 100% //65%; Rebounds: 26//32; Assists: 19//18; Turnovers: 11//17.

Adriano Vertemati: "It's easy to explain why we lost the game: They grabbed a lot of offensive rebounds. The statistics say twelve, but I think it was rather more. Especially at the beginning of the third quarter and at the end of the game. We had the game under control, but they just got twelve offensive rebounds. That's the reason why we lost the game. We knew they were one of the best teams on the offensive boards, but they played without Schilling the last ten minutes. When you know that but you're not able to do what you need to do in rebounding, it's focus or energy. We have a big squad, but sometimes the motivation might not be the same when you play EuroLeague on Friday and BBL on Sunday. But we have to understand that we have to deliver in the EuroLeague - which we did - but equally in the Bundesliga. We have to find a way and I think we will do it."

Leon Radosevic: "We certainly have a really tough schedule, we've been playing every other day for two months. Of course we players are a bit more motivated against team like FC Barcelona, that's normal - but it shouldn't be like that, just unfortunately it is. If we can't make the difference in games like against Geissen and Braunschweig in the third quarter, then it usually becomes very difficult. The fact that Trinchieri wasn't there didn't have a decisive impact on us. His emotions are important and it's a bit different and calmer without him, but the assistant coach does just as good a really good job. It wasn't because of that." 

Pete Strobl, Coach Braunschweig: "First, I have to say: our respect for the team from Munich is great. We often watch the EuroLeague games and therefore know the team very well. Congratulations to Bayern for qualifying in the Euroleague. That helps all of German basketball. We had good tactics and tried to stay with them. We then thought at the end that Bayern would find a way to come back today, especially through Lucic. But in the end we stayed cool and won the game."

Game recap:
Trinchieri's replacement Adriano Vertemati started the game with Zan Mark Sisko, D.J. Seeley, Vladimir Lucic, JaJuan Johnson and Leon Radosevic as the starting five. The FCBB came out a bit too carelessly, which Braunschweig took advantage of via the strong ex-Munich player Karim Jallow (16-7 Braunschweig/4th). After the EuroLeague exertions, the hosts still looked a bit tired, but slowly gained momentum through their defense. A three-pointer by Paul Zipser corrected the bad start but they still trailed (18-16).

Diego Flaccadori took control in the second quarter and led his team to a quarter-long 11-2 run. But Martin Peterka had something to say against a lead change and also hit the tough shots from beyond the three-point line (29-23/14.). Munich's offense was running more smoothly now and kept finding Leon Radosevic, who had a hot hand with 13 points in the first half (30-29 Bayern /17th). Five quick points from Vladimir Lucic gave the home team a slim lead - 38-37.

As at the beginning, the Braunschweig team had the better start into the second half. Jallow scored twice from three and forced an early timeout from Vertemati (47-40/23rd). The Munich team, on the other hand, played erratically and floundered on both ends for a good stretch of time. Again it was Radosevic and Lucic who provided a little relief (56-52/26th). For Pete Strobl's team, Arnas Velicka suddenly turned up the heat and had the right answers to the hosts' attempts to catch up (68-60/30th).

The difference in energy was also noticeable in the last ten minutes. Again and again, the Braunschweig team attacked the basket and kept Bayern at bay (76-69/34th). Youngster Jason George brought fresh legs from the bench in this phase and Paul Zipser also braced himself against the physicality of the guests and Bayern got to within three (76-73/36). And then came Lucic: With six points within 30 seconds, he turned the game around two minutes before the end (81-80). However, the Lions took advantage of a chaotic situation after their own free throw and took the lead 84-83 with 25 seconds to go via an offensive rebound. Bayern was left with the last attack and the ball came to Radosevic, but he turned it over and the team suffered a defeat despite a career-best performance from Radosevic (85-83).


Photo Credit: Eirich, Stickel


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