Bayern stay on top after 83-60 win over Bayreuth


Sixth win in a row within 14 days and the BBL standings lead defended: FC Bayern Basketball maintained their winning trend in the southern derby against Bayreuth, in front of 1,000 spectators in the Audi Dome, the Munich-based team won 83-60. After 18 games, the FCBB leads the league with 28-8 points.

They pulled away at18-5 and again 30-14, with top scorer Deschaun Thomas shining with 17 of his 21 points before the break. The visitors, who were short of players, remained in the game with a high morale (44-38/24th), but at 67-49 (33rd) the game was decided.

Bayern travels to Barcelona on Monday and are guests at the EuroLeague title contender (Tuesday, 21:00). This game will be followed by part two of the Double Week against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday in the Audi Dome (20:30).

FC Bayern Basketball - medi Bayreuth 83:60 (39:32)


Deshaun Thomas (21 Points), Ognjen Jaramaz (13/7 Rebounds), Andreas Obst (11), Gavin Schilling (6), Leon Radosevic (6), Zan Mark Sisko (7), Nick Weiler-Babb (5), Jason George (5/8 Rebounds), Marvin Ogunsipe (3), Corey Walden (2), Vladimir Lucic (2) und Joshua Obiesie (2).

Topscorer Bayreuth:

Savcar Anim (14 Points)


Christof Madinger, Konstantin Simonow, Christian Theis



Points per quarter Bayern - Bayreuth: 24-11, 15-21, 22-15, 22-13.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 65% (FCBB) // 43% (Bayreuth); Three-point shooting: 33% // 30%; Free-throw shooting: 79% // 73%; Rebounds: 37 // 25; Assists: 15 // 10; Turnovers: 13  // 17.


FCBB Assistent Coach Slaven Rimac: "I must say that we should all be very happy, I expected a much more difficult game. We are in a series of seven, eight games in a very short time. In games like this you never know with what focus and energy the opponent will come. But we were very good at the beginning of the game, I'm very happy with the win. We managed the minutes well for our players who play more in the EuroLeague. In the coaching team, of course, we discussed it to find the best options for the team and the younger players. The good start of the players who have to carry the team provides more minutes for our German players, who then have to deal with less pressure. I think they did a great job of that today. (...) It's not only players giving a lot of energy, but also coaches, not only physically, but especially mentally. Then sometimes you are exhausted after so many games and you don't have the right focus. That's why I think it was a good decision of Andrea not to think about basketball in such detail today. He will be back very fresh tomorrow and in Tuesday's game."                

Jason George: "We got off to a great start, only allowing 11 points. I got the confidence to play a lot. I'm trying to pay that back with defense and energy. Today everyone played and scored. This was an important win. We're all a little tired, but I'm trying to give it my all every day in practice and work to earn it. In this time with a lot of games, the younger players who don't play so much in the EuroLeague also have to prove themselves and contribute to the fact that Lucic and Radosevic, for example, don't have to play so much in the BBL and are ready in Barcelona."

Mauricio Parra, Co-Trainer Bayreuth: "Of course, we are competing against a top team here - also in the EuroLeague. Therefore, first of all, congratulations on the victory today and the performance currently in the EuroLeague. I follow the games and it's nice to see how the club has developed over the years, I was at Bayern for a couple of years. We came here today and wanted to try to take advantage of the minimal chance due to Bayern's possible fatigue from the enormous load. But in the end the quality of Bayern prevailed, on some positions we simply had no chance. The victory goes to the Munich team. The only thing I can give my team credit for is that they hung in there and fought until the end, we played until the end and were able to keep the defeat somewhat in check as a result, even if it was 23 points in the end."

Game Recap:

Corey Walden, Ognjen Jaramaz, Jason George, Deshaun Thomas and Leon Radosevic were the first five forTrinchieri representative, Slaven Rimac. Thomas was up to operating temperature in no time and recorded Bayern's first seven points. The league leader was serious defensively, and a lot was working in front as well and a 10-0 run brought a comfortable 14-5 lead at this early stage (4th minute of the game). Bayreuth was held to five points in over four minutes and the lead was extended to 18-5 (6th). There was no sign of fatigue on the part of the Munich team, and after quarter one the favorite was clearly ahead 24-11.

The FCBB slowed down a bit and went two minutes without scoring, but then Sisko took over and scored smoothly at the basket twice (28-12/13th). Jaramaz fought and scored to make it 34-19 (15th), but the FCBB offense then faltered considerably and their shots missed the basket by the dozen. The guests failed to reduce the deficit in this phase but Deshaun Thomas chose the safest of all shots, delighting the fans with a steal and the following dunk (36-22/18th). The Munich team missed even the best chances and the Upper Franconians came close before halftime, 39-32.

Rimac represents Trinchieri

The tenth-place team had a taste for the game and became more pressing but Radosevic countered with a three-pointer (44-35/22nd). Two nice plays byLucic and Weiler-Babb did the lead good and stabilized the game (49-38/25th). The Bavarians pulled themselves together and mobilized their reserves and a 10-2 run resulted in a more reassuring 54-40 lead (27th). The Munich team now had the upper hand again, defended properly and grabbed all defensive rebounds. At this point, the league leader already had eleven offensive rebounds to their credit. Bayreuth had little to counter this power at the board and things were going Bayern's way again (60-42/29th). But of course the Bayreuthers did not give up and stayed within reach 61-47 after 30 minutes.

All players score

Jaramaz was infected with energy at the start of the final quarter and sent in the next three-pointer - time-out Bayreuth (67-49/33th). Munich was well advised to pull the teeth of the gallant opponent early on in order not to make it unnecessarily tense. Strong defense and Obst's first three-pointers were tried and tested means in putting the game away (75-53/37th). In view of the upcoming demanding tasks, Coach Rimac distributed the playing time quite evenly among the participants. It was no longer close, but the fans cheered and left happy after the sixth straight win.


Photos: Stickel & Eirich