Energy and defense missing in Bayern's 96-61 loss in Bonn

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The fourth game in seven days was one too many: The Bayern basketball team lost the tough away duel at Telekom Baskets Bonn 96-61 on a tired Tuesday evening. An insufficient first half on defense steered the game in one direction early in front of 3,600 fans.

For the league leader, which was missing Weiler-Babb, Djedovic, George, Walden and Coach Trinchieri, it was the sixth defeat (36-12); while chaser Bonn (34-14) keeps up.

Bonn hardly allowed few easy shots already in the first quarter and attacked the basket for their part - 31-14 (11th). The weak rebounding until the break (11-24 rebounds) allowed the opponent seven more attempts and caused a 48-25 deficit (19th). Six minutes after the change and five of the 14 Baskets threes having pushed through, the game was already decided despite all efforts.


Telekom Baskets Bonn - FC Bayern Basketball 96:61 (48:27)


Deshaun Thomas (14 Points), Darrun Hilliard (12/3 Threes), Ognjen Jaramaz (7), Andreas Obst (6), Othello Hunter (5), Leon Radosevic (5), Zan Mark Sisko (4), Gavin Schilling (4), Vladimir Lucic (2), Paul Zipser (2) und Marvin Ogunsipe.

Top scorer Bonn:

Javontae Hawkins (23 Points)


Moritz Reiter, Christof Madinger, Moritz Krüper



Points per quarter Bayern - Bonn: 12-26, 15-22, 18-30, 16-18.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 45% (FCBB) // 64% (Bonn); Three-point shooting: 32% // 42%; Free-throw shooting: 65% // 75%; Rebounds: 26 // 38; Assists: 13 // 23; Turnvoers: 17 // 10.


Demond Greene, Coach FCBB: "That was definitely not the right FC Bayern face, what we saw and showed here today. But first of all, I have to congratulate Bonn and the coach with great respect for the way they played. That was 100 percent to be expected. Anyone who knows this coach knows what potential there is in this team. They are the most offensively potent team in the league, they hit some of the most threes and take the most in the league. So it was there in black and white beforehand what they were going to do. But we couldn't counter Bonn's aggressiveness, we didn't fight against it. So it became more and more obvious from quarter to quarter. That was not our face, because we are known for fighting and being able to come back. Bonn also survived this point and so it was already over at the beginning of the third quarter. (...) Of course (the missing players) plays a role for our rotation. That should not be an excuse and I can't say how it would have been with a Nick or a Walden. (...) In the end, with Sisko, we only had one real setup player. (...) In the first half Bonn scored well and still got almost every offensive rebound. On our side, nobody went for the rebound.  In addition, Bonn was always in the passing lane, on the other side they could move the ball well."   

Darrun Hilliard: "We had no energy today. Bonn had more power and was ready from the start. They rolled over us already in the first quarter. We couldn't do anything about it because the team is very, very well coached. It's tough, but that's why they are so high in the standings. But we will come back. We have to accept it now and take it as it is. They kicked us in the butt. Now it's 1-1, but I'm sure we'll meet again, and that will be a different game."

Game recap:

The league leader started against the runner-up with Ognjen Jaramaz, Darrun Hilliard, Vladimir Lucic, Deshaun Thomas and Leon Radosevic. The Bonners appeared with a broad chest in front of their full house and allowed the favorite to take the lead only briefly, but the Munich team stayed in the game early (10-9/5th minute of the game). FCBB had its difficulties against the tough defense of the Baskets, who also looked fresher up front and steeled themselves away (19-11/8th). Bayern had far too little to counter the 12-1 run of the hosts. In view of the already clear 26-12 deficit, it was high time for the quarter break.

The Bonners also got off to a remarkably good start in quarter two, but two goals from Radosevic and Thomas did the score some good (31-19/12th). The fast-forwarding Baskets mercilessly exploited the guests' lack of sorting when switching to defense, and at 33-19 Greene already took his second timeout (13th). Munich struggled with the consistent lack of rhythm, Bonn, on the other hand, enjoyed the steady flow and pulled away to over 20 points (46-25/18th). Trinchieri representative Greene was called upon to moderate the 48-27 deficit at halftime and turn the tide. Possible topic of conversation: Bonn had collected eight offensive rebounds alone, almost as many rebounds as Bayern in total.

Bonn succeeds in almost everything

Bayern came back with a better offensive attitude, but they still couldn't get a grip on the Baskets' fast-paced basketball. The Munich team tried hard, but could not reduce the deficit, because Bonn always had answers, quick solutions and an impressive scoring rate (66-40/25th). Spurred on by the crowd, the Baskets mercilessly put their stamp on the game while the Bavarians managed almost nothing, the gap grew to more than 30 points by the end of the third quarter - 78-45.

On Sunday in Ulm

After two minutes of the final quarter Hilliard managed to score the first Bavarian points, a three-pointer to bring it to 80-48 (32nd). Where was the energy going to come from in the fourth game in seven days? Bonn, on the other hand, played itself into a frenzy and also secured the direct comparison. The next challenge awaits on Sunday in Ulm.


(c) Stickel, wolterfoto

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