Defending champion Bayern fights its way into Cup quarterfinals

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The defending champions remain in the race: On a German Cup weekend full of surprises, the Bayern basketball team reached the quarterfinals despite their injury issues. After a convincing second half, head coach Andrea Trinchieri's team won the southern rivalry game against Bamberg 98-77. Draw of the next round for the Top Four entry is on Tuesday.

As in the previous week's BBL opener, the absence of six Munich regulars was noticeable in front of a crowd of just under 2,000. The available personnel had the EuroLeague trip to Tel Aviv (69-68 loss) in their bones. In the second quarter, the visitors were able to pull away a bit before three-pointers by youngster George and Weiler-Babb brought the Bavarians back even.

After the break, a battle briefly developed. However, the Bavarians emptied all energy reserves and scored very well overall. Walden (25) and top scorer Jaramaz (26) took over for the first double-digit lead (72-58/30.). After Jaramaz's fifth of six three-pointers (6/6) for a score of 88-72 and the duel was decided earlier than expected.

The upcoming task will be much more difficult: On the second gameday of the premier league, top favorite FC Barcelona will be the guest in Munich on Thursday (Oct. 7, 20:30); in the BBL, Braunschweig will be the next opponent on Sunday (15:00), also in the Audi Dome.



FC Bayern Basketball - Brose Bamberg 98-77 (42-45)


Ognjen Jaramaz (26 Points, 6/6 Threes), Corey Walden (25, 6/6 Threes), Augustine Rubit (13), Zan Mark Sisko (10/6 Assists), Othello Hunter (8), Jason George (7/5 Rebounds), Nick Weiler-Babb (5), Joshua Obiesie (4), Marvin Ogunsipe und Mohamed Sillah.

Top scorer Bamberg:

Omar Prewitt (15 Points)


Moritz Reiter, Andreas Bohn, Nesa Kovacevic



Points per quarter Bayern - Bamberg: 19-21, 23-24, 32-18, 24-14.

Stats: Two-point shooting 62 % (FCBB) // 58 % (Bamberg); Three-point:  shooting 63 % // 36 %; Free-throw shooting: 85 % // 77 %; Rebounds: 24 // 26; Assists: 21 // 18; Ballverluste: 12 // 17.


FCBB head coach, Andrea Trinchieri: "That could have easily extended our losing streak to 0-3. We played this do-or-die game with a very small bench, coming off a very tough loss in Tel Aviv. So we had double the pressure. We tried but were hesitant, we just had pressure. At halftime we didn't make any tactical changes, we just put more energy into our defense. That was the turning point of the game. That's when it doesn't matter so much how much we have to score on offense to stay in the game.  We had some strong individual performances, but I think this is a team win because we changed the way we defended in the second half. (...) The first half was difficult, but I'm happy that nobody got injured. And I'm happy that we won a difficult game, and I'm happy that we played the second half the way we should always play. (...) I would be surprised if we had new players for Thursday's game. They will hopefully come back slowly, until then we just have to stay together and survive this."

Corey Walden: "I'm working a lot on my shootin. I'm happy that we got a win, in the second half we played much better, we were more aggressive. That was the difference in this game. Maybe we were a little nervous at the beginning, but we turned that into aggressiveness well. The fact that I know Coach Trinchieri well makes it easier for me. I know what he likes and what he demands in a team. We just have to go out and do it right. It's early in the season, it takes time, but we want to get it right as soon as possible."

Bamber coach, Johan Roijakkers: "I congratulate Bayern and coach Trinchieri for the deserved victory. The first twenty minutes we were in the game, we played well. But we also already failed to defend the three-point line and that was the key for today's game."

Game Recap:

FCBB coach Andrea Trinchieri relied on starters Corey Walden, Ognjen Jaramaz, Nick Weiler-Babb, Augustine Rubit and Marvin Ogunsipe. Bayern needed a bit to get going. Bamberg played especially well with their long distance shooting but a nice four-point play by Corey Walden brought the first lead after just under four minutes (9-8/4.). Ognjen Jaramaz directed the game impressively and scored seven points in the opening quarter (11-10/5).

Bamberg, however, played better offensively and primarily held the lead and only two players had scored for the defending champions. The rhythm took some time to get rolling but the deficit was still quite moderate (16-13/8). After the first ten minutes, the FCBB was only two points behind - 21-19 - despite seven turnovers.

Both opponents were looking for the flow of the game, which just wouldn't happen, and the scoring rates plummeted (25-25/14). FCBB played erratically and without much imagination and Bamberg pulled away with an 8-0 run (31-15/16). A three-pointer by Walden gave hope, but the Franconians played much more aggressively  proven by the number of free throws in the first half. Bamberg went to the line eight times, Bayern only five. Rubit decisively shortened the gap to 38-34 and forced a time-out from Bamberg (19). The FCBB now fought their way back into the game against long-time rivals from northern Bavaria and FCBB homegrown George hit a three-pointer to make it 40-39, and in the next attack Walden served Weiler-Babb on the other side to take the lead (42-40/20.). In the last seconds, however, the Bamberg team regained the lead - 45-42.

Trinchieri must have found the right words in the locker room, because his team appeared transformed with an 8-0 run (50-45/23). Bamberg answered with a 7-0 run, but Rubit and Walden responded (54-52/25). Munich presented itself calmly and Corey Walden hit from the three-point line for the fourth and fifth times (62-54/27). The guests remained dangerous, but the Munich offense was now on fire. Sisko was hit from under the basket for the first double-digit lead (69-58/29). Thanks to a stifling defense, the FCBB succeeded in almost everything they tried and hit shot after shot - timeout Bamberg (72-58/30.)

Walden and Jaramaz: Twelve attempted threes. twelve made threes

The experience of Othello Hunter set the tone and kept the guests at a distance with six consecutive points (80-68/33). Coach Trinchieri's former team did not let up of course, and pushed the deficit into single digits, but Jaramaz continued his great performance with eight quick points within 62 seconds and forced Roijakkers to call another timeout (88-72/35). Another three-pointer by Walden made the heads of the Bambergers go down, there was no match for this sensational shooting performance of the Munich team.


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