Die Allianz Arena leuchtet rot in der Dämmerung.

Bayern's home

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Following on from the Grünwald Stadium and later the Olympic Stadium, the stunning ground in the north of Munich is the third home venue in Bayern’s long Bundesliga history, and certainly the most spectacular. Europe’s most modern stadium, with a capacity of more than 70,000, has already established itself in the collective conscience of football fans all over the world within a short timescale.

Visitors continue to be particularly impressed by the facade. 2,760 diamond-shaped cushions form the world’s biggest membrane cladding covering an area of 66,500 m². Even if it is not your first visit, it’s hard to believe the evidence of your own eyes at night matches when the whole stadium appears to be red when viewed from the outside. The three-tier interior of the Allianz Arena has extraordinary acoustics that rapidly turn the stadium into a cauldron when hosting thrilling encounters.

It is no surprise that the Allianz Arena is nearly always full to the rafters. Around two million fans visit the stadium every season with all 71,000 available seats and standing places being sold out for all 17 Bundesliga home games. Bayern’s incredible attendance record invariably includes 68,000 full houses for European fixtures (the capacity is reduced by 3,000 in the all-seat configuration). As a rule, shortly after the Bundesliga fixtures are announced at the beginning of July, more than half of Bayern’s league games in the Allianz Arena sell out at once.

What brings the fans streaming to Fröttmaning in their tens of thousands? The stars of the mighty Bayern Munich of course. But the fans can also expect to be well looked after, both before and after the game. 6,000 m² of catering facilities take care of culinary requirements. Europe’s biggest multi-storey car park provides nearly 10,000 parking spaces.

Since May 2012 there has been another compelling reason for fans and families to flock to the stadium in droves: the FCB Erlebniswelt, housed at the Allianz Arena and already established as a must–see attraction for thousands of the five million visitors to Munich every year. Germany’s biggest club museum tells the absorbing story of the club in an interactive installation covering more than 3,000 m².

Der Innenraum der Allianz Arena

The exhibition on Level 3 of the Allianz Arena features much more than countless fascinating exhibits, including trophies, and boots and shirts worn by Bayern greats past and present. The 113–year history of one of Europe's most famous and successful clubs is retold using an intoxicating blend of facts and infotainment, modern and emotionally moving, but at the same time entirely authentic. Trophies, cups and more than 500 exhibits are displayed using award-winning media technology and interactive elements, drawing in football enthusiasts big and small, lovers of sport, and visitors who are simply inquisitive.

After experiencing the FCB Erlebniswelt, visitors enter the gigantic FC Bayern Megastore, now expanded and modernised, and an even more attractive proposition than ever before. Official merchandise dedicated to Germany’s most successful club fills almost 1,000 m², and is the widest range offered by any Bundesliga club with more than 500 items for fans.

A big plus point for the Arena is its ability to match the needs of a broad range of supporters. There are 13,500 reasonably priced tickets for the standing terraces at Bundesliga games. 2,200 business seats and 106 executive boxes with a total of 1,374 seats provide the perfect surroundings for entertaining and commerce. And everything is done for wheelchair users: there is single level access to all 165 reserved seats.

This architectural wonder was conceived by world-renowned architects Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. Particular pride can be taken by the fact that the Allianz Arena was positively welcomed by the Munich public. In a referendum held in the autumn of 2001 an overwhelming majority of 65.8 percent of Munich citizens voted in favour of the construction project. The foundation stone was laid on 21 October 2002. Less than three years later, Bayern Munich faced Germany on 31 May 2005 for the opening match in the Arena.

Bayern are now the sole shareholders in the Allianz Arena. TSV 1860 Munich, who were originally joint occupants of the stadium, are now tenants up to 30 June 2025. According to a survey conducted by political journal “Cicero”, the Allianz Arena became Germany’s favourite sports venue, and one of the top ten national sites of interest in the country just three years after it was built.

Bayern's home in facts and figures


Foundation stone laid on 21 October 2002


  • 71,137 capacity undercover (including executive boxes and business seats)
  • All-seater capacity: 68,000
  • Lower Tier: 20,000 seats
  • Middle tier: 24,000 seats
  • Upper tier: 24,000 seats
  • In the North and South Stands: 13,740 standing Vario-Seats
  • 2,200 business seats and media seats
  • 106 VIP boxes of various sizes accommodating 1,374 guests
  • 227 special seats for the disabled at main entrance/exterior ground level (no change of level)


  • 9,800 parking places in four x four-storey Esplanade car parks (the largest in Europe)
  • 1,200 parking places on two levels in the stadium
  • 350 coach places (240 to the north and 110 to the south of the Esplanade)
  • 130 parking spaces for disabled visitors

Inside the Arena

  • approx. 6,500 m² of catering facilities divided into the following sections:
    • 28 kiosks, two fan restaurants (one in the north and one in the south stand), each with 1,500 seats
    • Arena Bistro with approx 400 seats
    • Press club with approx 350 seats
  • Mixed Zone (520 m²)
  • Offices and conference facilities
  • Large and comfortably appointed media areas
  • LEGO Spielwelt (nursery)
  • 54 ticket counters
  • FC Bayern Erlebniswelt (Germany's biggest club museum)
  • FCB Megastore, Allianz Arena Shop
  • Changing/dressing rooms: FC Bayern, TSV 1860, two for visitors; four for coaches; two for referees
  • Two warm-up rooms, each 110m²
  • FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

Pitch and interior

  • Playing surface: 68m x 105m
  • Total turfed area: 72m x 111m
  • Total surface area (barrier to barrier): 120m x 83m
  • Spectator distance from pitch: 7.5 m minimum
  • Pitchside barrier height: approx 1.2 m
  • Seat row gradients:
  • Lower tier: approx 24°
  • Middle tier: approx 30°
  • Upper tier: approx 34°
  • 2 x 100 m² LED Video Walls in 16:9 format, 42.5 m above ground
  • 224 halogen floodlights at 45m above pitch level

The site

  • Stadium dimensions: 258 m x 227 m x 50 m (gross figure)
  • 7 levels
  • Façade and roof: 66,500 m² in total, comprising 2,760 inflated panels
  • Roof area: 38,000 m²
  • Façade: 28,500 m²
  • Illuminated area (three colours available); 25,500 m²
  • Area occupied by stadium: 37,600 m²
  • Total site area: 171,000 m²
  • Esplanade dimensions: 543 m x 136 m x 0-12 m
  • 4 levels
  • Covered area: approx 73,900 m²

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