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Do you have any questions about membership?
Here's where you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about FC Bayern membership.

Your membership starts after the respective membership fee has been paid. At the start of the membership, we charge one annual membership fee for the entry date of 1 July, but 1.5 annual membership fees for the entry date of 1 January.

Children can be registered as members of our club on the day they are born.

In principle, members can join at any time, but the entry fee will be calculated from either 1 January or 1 July.

Yes, new members receive a welcome gift along with their membership card.

No, we only offer individual memberships. Furthermore, membership is exclusively restricted to actual individual persons, i.e. no animals or companies.

Unfortunately, an existing membership cannot be transferred to another person.

The membership fee depends on the subscription group.

Full membership for adults aged from 26 up to and including 64 costs €60.00 per season. A concessionary fee of €30.00 applies to children and young people up to the age of 17, senior citizens aged 65 and over, and holders of a severely disabled ID card. Young adults aged from 18 up to and including 25 pay a discounted annual fee of €40.00.

In addition, each new member pays a one-off joining fee of €3.00.

If a member chooses not to receive the FC Bayern Magazine "51", the membership fee is reduced by €10.00 per season.

The cut-off date for the subscription group classification is always 1 July of the current season (even if joining on 1 January).

In order to create the membership, we need the signature of the new adult member (or the legal guardian if the new member is a minor) on the membership form, even if the membership fee is paid by the giver. In order to still be able to surprise the recipient with the membership, the giver has the option of purchasing a gift voucher from us and giving it as a gift together with the membership form.

The gift voucher, which is specifically for membership, is not available in the fan shops and may therefore not be used for the purchase of fan merchandise.

The first FC Bayern Magazine "51" of a season is sent automatically without payment of the membership fee. From the second issue onwards, the club magazine will only continue to be sent if the membership fee has been paid in full.

Yes, generally, the FC Bayern Magazine "51" is sent to our members worldwide free of charge once a month during the season. In order to provide our members around the globe with exciting articles, reports and interviews from the heart of the club, it is possible to access the ePaper of the FC Bayern Magazine "51" online, independently of the print subscription. If a member no longer wishes to receive our club magazine as a print subscription, delivery can be suspended for a limited period during the season (no membership fee reduction) or permanently terminated at the end of the current season (incl. membership fee reduction).

In Germany, the post office mail forwarding service does not apply to magazines. Please inform us in good time if you are going to change your address. In other countries, please contact your local post office to determine arrangements for forwarding mail.

Members are given priority in the allocation of tickets. Our club currently has around 300,000 registered members, so it is unfortunately not possible to guarantee tickets on a fixed basis.

However, in order to give as many supporters as possible the opportunity to experience our team live at the Allianz Arena, ticket allocation for overbooked home matches is limited to a maximum of two tickets per member.

Similarly, for away matches, a maximum of two tickets will also be allocated per successfully completed order.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer gifts for recruiting new members.

Membership may only be cancelled after a period of at least 12 months as of 30 June, the end of the current season. Notice of cancellation must be submitted to the club in writing or in electronic or text form by April 30 at the latest.

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