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Membership classPrice
Children and teenagers (up to 17 years old)€30.00
Young adults (from 18 to 25 years old)€40.00
Adults (from 26 to 64 years old)€60.00
Seniors (65 and older)€30.00
Disabled (only with valid pass)€30.00

The cut-off date for allocation to a respective age group is always 1 July of the current season (even if you join on 1 January).

There will be a one-off joining fee of €3.00 at the beginning of your membership.

If you choose not to receive the FC Bayern Magazine "51", your personal membership fee will be reduced by €10.00 per season.

Your membership will begin only after payment of the corresponding membership fee. At the beginning of your membership, we will charge for one annual membership fee on the entry date of 1 July, and 1.5 annual membership fees on the entry date of 1 January.

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