Andreas Jung

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Andreas Jung joined FC Bayern Munich in 1996. A qualified sports scientist and sports manager, he was an active member of the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (German Cycling Association), ultimately as managing director of the organising committee for the 1995 Cycling World Championships, before committing his future career to Germany’s most successful football club. Jung, who was born on 23 November 1961, started his career at Bayern with Sportwerbe GmbH, then the club’s commercial arm. He went on to head the Sponsorship and Event Marketing department, before earning promotion to director in 2002 and Prokurist (company officer with statutory authority) in 2009.

As Executive Board Member since 1 July 2010, he is responsible at board level for sponsorship and events, brand management, new media and IT, merchandising and licenses, international relations, and marketing and PR for the Allianz Arena in Munich. Jung is also spokesperson for the DFL League Association’s sponsorship task force.