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Reaction to Bremen v Bayern

Hitzfeld: There’s a long way to go yet

Bayern’s 4-0 defeat of a makeshift Werder Bremen side on Saturday, the Bavarians’ biggest-ever margin of victory at the Weser stadium, featured passages of scintillating play from Ottmar Hitzfeld’s men, especially in a one-sided second half. “I said beforehand that if we won in Bremen it would send out an unmistakeable signal,” skipper Oliver Kahn declared afterwards.

Reaction to Bremen v Bayern:

Ottmar Hitzfeld: “We didn’t really settle in the first half hour, and Bremen matched us all the way. We needed a solo effort from von Luca Toni to earn us the penalty that gave us the lead. The important thing for me was our good defensive organisation. Right at the start, Sanogo had a clear-cut chance for Bremen because we went to sleep for a moment. That shouldn’t be happening. We had Bremen well under control in the second half. We denied them space and looked for chances on the break. There’s a long way to go yet this season, a lot can still happen. You can be very unlucky with injuries. There are still plenty of question-marks.“

Oliver Kahn: “It was a very, very good display from us today, we played very well in defence and in attack. It’s a real pleasure watching Ribéry at times, to be honest, but it’s just as important that we kept it tight at the back. I’ve always said that if we play well in defence, we’ll not only play good football, we’ll win trophies. And I said beforehand that if we won in Bremen it would send out an unmistakeable signal. It’s an important result.“

Thomas Schaaf: “That was the best we could do with the injury situation we have right now. The first half was OK, but unfortunately we’re missing a cutting edge up front. We tried to build up a head of steam in the second half and fight back, but it didn’t work out. We were our own worst enemies in that we were caught upfield and handed Bayern their two counter-attacking chances on a plate. We were too naïve in those situations. It’s a long season, and we’ll have to wait and see if Bayern can keep it up. They’ll definitely have more difficult games than we were able to offer them today.“