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Chancellor joins chorus of approval for Klinsmann

In the biggest news of the German football season so far, Jürgen Klinsmann has been appointed to succeed Ottmar Hitzfeld as Bayern head coach from 1 July 2008. The stunning appointment has prompted comment from all sides of the game, and also from the world of politics. summarises the reaction so far.

Reaction to the appointment of Jürgen Klinsmann:

Angela Merkel (German Chancellor, reported by spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm): “In common with millions of German football fans, the Chancellor is delighted Jürgen Klinsmann is returning to Germany to apply his abilities.“

Franz Beckenbauer (Bayern president): “I’m looking forward to Jürgen Klinsmann’s tenure. I don’t think this decision is courageous, I think it’s intelligent and well thought through. Jürgen Klinsmann used his new methods to succeed with the national team, and I’m certain he’ll be successful with Bayern.“

Joachim Löw (Germany coach): “Personally, this comes as a surprise. However, after speaking to him on the phone in recent weeks and months, I was certain he’d be making a swift return to coaching. This will definitely benefit German football. Overall, it’s an exciting development when a former national coach, who set many things in motion, comes in to coach a leading German club. I’m looking forward to a good partnership.“

Theo Zwanziger (German FA president): “He has achieved a great deal for German football, and will definitely make waves at Bayern. It’s fantastic that Jürgen Klinsmann is returning to Germany.“

Oliver Bierhoff (Germany team manager): “Jürgen is always good for a surprise, as he showed when he was national coach. He will really add value to the Bundesliga and it’ll definitely be exciting with him around. I’m delighted he’s coming back to Germany on a permanent basis.“

Wolfgang Niersbach (German FA general secretary): “This comes as a huge surprise to me personally. I’m delighted at the decision and believe it will lead to an even stronger alliance between the DFB (German FA) and one of the Bundesliga’s leading clubs.“

Klaus Allofs (Werder Bremen managing director): “It’s not a particularly big surprise to me. It’s the major solution we expected. I only hope he doesn’t take over the championship-winning team. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any great impact on us. Nor do I fear an exodus of German national players in the direction of Munich.“

Wolfgang Holzhäuser (Bayer Leverkusen managing director): “Many congratulations to Bayern, this is a real coup. However, I’m not really surprised. I’d even say I was expecting it.“

Dieter Hecking (Hanover 96 coach): “I’m sure Bayern and Jürgen Klinsmann have thought long and hard about this decision. Considering what Klinsmann achieved with Germany, this has to be a very good decision for Bayern.“

Thomas Doll (Borussia Dortmund coach): “I didn’t think it would happen so fast, but Bayern clearly wanted to settle things as fast as possible. Klinsmann has proved he can deal with enormous pressure. He’s immune to criticism.“

Udo Lattek (Ex-Bayern coach): “I’m shocked and stunned, because I considered all kind of solutions, but not Klinsmann. Bayern Munich deserve a badge of courage for hiring Klinsmann. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it goes well, because Klinsmann still has no experience of coaching a club side.“