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Reaction to Bayern v Aberdeen

Hitzfeld: There’s always room for improvement

A disciplined and focused performance for long spells of the game saw Bayern safely through to the UEFA Cup Round of 16 after a deserved 5-1 goal fest against Aberdeen, handing the Bundesliga leaders a commanding 7-3 aggregate win. “I’m more or less satisfied,” Ottmar Hitzfeld said afterwards, although the Bayern coach refused to read too much into the result, “because our opponents have nothing like the same resources as we do.“

Reaction to Bayern v Aberdeen:

Ottmar Hitzfeld: “I’m more or less satisfied, although obviously there are always areas for improvement. There was a phase in the first half when we were only 1-0 up, but we allowed our opponents a clear-cut chance. That shouldn’t be happening against opponents who have nothing like the same resources as we do. We have so many games and so much quality in our squad, so you have to give a chance to as many players as possible. You shouldn’t be scared of taking a risk every now and then.“

Uli Hoeneß: “We’ve seen a very entertaining game of football tonight. We got on the scoresheet early on, but Aberdeen completely held their own. Our team ran for all they were worth, and the referee let a lot of things go. We were still going for goal even after the 90 minutes were up. It was a tremendous game for the crowd. Lukas Podolski has improved dramatically, although he’s been slotting in a lot better in his recent substitute appearances. It’s obvious he’s slowly but surely settling down here in Munich.“

Lukas Podolski: “I always try and give it my best shot. Even if it’s only as a sub, I try and do the best I can. I’m delighted with my good performance, the goals, our victory and a place in the last sixteen. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks. I’ll try and stay in touch and train well, but the coach decides who makes the team.“