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Reaction to Aberdeen v Bayern

Hitzfeld: We’ll finish the job in the return

Bayern were caught cold twice but fought back to equalise on both occasions as Thursday’s UEFA Cup Round of 32 first leg at Pittodrie ended with honours even. “In the European Cup, we used to think a 2-2 draw away from home was as good as a win,” smiled Ottmar Hitzfeld, confident his men are now well-positioned for next week’s return. “We’re at home now and it’s in our own hands,” Miroslav Klose summarised.

Reaction to Aberdeen v Bayern:

Ottmar Hitzfeld: “Naturally we came here to win. In the European Cup, we used to think a 2-2 draw away from home was as good as a win. Aberdeen went to the limit and beyond, we were only average, but we’ll finish the job in the return. We always knew they were a better side than a 5-1 home defeat to Celtic suggests. One of our failings is that we need too many chances to score goals, but we had plenty of shots and the lion’s share of possession, which is fundamentally not bad. The final ball went astray, and we may have shot too early and too often. These are areas where we can improve. Aberdeen have nothing to lose in the return. The players can show what they can do and put themselves forward for a deal with Celtic or Rangers. We knew they’d play the game of their lives, but I’m convinced the return will go decisively in our favour.“

Miroslav Klose: “There are no easy games in Europe. You have to go out there prepared for a fight. We’re upset about conceding two goals because we lost concentration, and we’re gutted. We studied Aberdeen very closely and knew how they’d come at us, but we still weren’t focused enough. But it was good to score two away goals. We’re at home now and it’s in our own hands.“

Zé Roberto: “It was tough out there today. It was very physical and the pitch was a catastrophe, but we’ve shown we’re capable of coming through a fight. We’re happy with the result. It’ll be very different in the return, we’ll play some football. We have a great chance of going through.“

Marcell Jansen: “We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we’ve come from behind twice and scored two away goals, although we shouldn’t be conceding two goals either. We have to settle the tie at home.“