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65th German Cup final

Up for the Cup: Bayern's Berlin schedule

The Bayern squad schedule right up until kick-off in the 65th DFB German Cup final has been meticulously planned. summarises the key events and appointments, starting with the departure from Munich airport through to the precise moment the teams walk out onto the sacred turf in the capital city:

Friday 18 April
11 am:Flight to Berlin
1 pm:News conference at Berlin Olympic stadium
5 pm:Final training at the Olympic stadium
7 pm:Treatment and massage
8.30 pm:Dinner
10.30 pm:Rest and lights out

Saturday 19 April
9 am:Wake-up call and breakfast
10.30 am:Light exercise
1 pm:Lunch
2 pm:Rest
5 pm:Team talk
6 pm:Team bus departs hotel for stadium
7.15 pm:Warm-up
7.52 pm:Teams parade onto field
7.55 pm:National anthem
8 pm:Kick-off