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Interview: Nerlinger

'It's all going very well at the moment'

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On Thursday, Bayern trained in Donaueschingen for the last time. The Öschberghof resort had provided optimal conditions, Christian Nerlinger exclusively explained to Reviewing the training camp, the FCB director of sport discussed the state of preparations for the new term, and the injuries to Franck Ribéry and Luca Toni. "It's a race against time for them," the general manager designate acknowledged.

Interview: Christian Nerlinger

It's your first time at a training camp as director of sport. How was it for you in Donaueschingen?
Nerlinger: "Obviously, it was a totally new perspective. For the players, it means very hard work. We're delighted we've come away without major injuries. With the exception of Franck Ribéry and Luca Toni, all the players are healthy and fit. Overall, I think it's going very well at the moment."

The schedule included trips to Gelsenkirchen and Stuttgart. Was it still a productive training camp?
Nerlinger: "Obviously, every coach would like uninterrupted preparation time with his team. That wasn't the case here, as we had interruptions for matches. But it went well organisationally, and we turned an apparent disadvantage into a benefit: we were very focused in the matches. I reckon we can describe it as a very, very good period of preparation."

The traditional fitness sessions were conspicuous by their absence. Is that Van Gaal's preference?
Nerlinger: "It's his approach and I welcome it. Obviously, the sessions included stamina work. Data were recorded using the pulse-checking belts, so it's been easy to see where the players stand in terms of stamina."

It was a first training camp with Louis van Gaal, who has a clear idea of what he wants and explains it in no uncertain terms on the training ground. How did the players react?
Nerlinger: "It was a new situation for all the players. It was very hard work, and it will need time. We've always said it won't turn from a theory into practice overnight. But I reckon we'll be very successful over the mid-term. The players know that and they approach it positively. They're delighted to have a coach with a concept he puts across clearly and unmistakeably."