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Exclusive: Robben’s first interview

‘I'm really happy that I've signed here’

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FCB general manager Uli Hoeneß only confirmed the club’s interest in Arjen Robben on Thursday afternoon – and by late Friday morning, the Dutch ace was a Bayern player. The 25-year-old has switched from Real Madrid to Munich, and will now spend the next four seasons going for goal in a red shirt, possibly starting against Wolfsburg on Saturday. After inking his new contract, Arjen stopped by for an interview with

Interview: Arjen Robben Arjen, welcome to Munich! To us it looked like a very fast decision. We heard about it yesterday, today you already signed the contract. Was it really such a fast decision? What did the last days look like for you here?
Arjen Robben: Yeah, it was fast, it all happened fast. Of course it was also a very hectic week for me. I had some things to think about, and in the end I decided that I wanted to come here and play for this great club, and after that it all happened very fast. You’re known as one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, so you could probably have gone to any football club in the world. Why Bayern Munich?
Robben: Well, from the first minute we made contact they gave me a really warm feeling and they made me really feel welcome at this club. My father came here, had a good meeting, and was also convinced that it was best for me to come here. And of course it's a great club with a great history. I'm really happy that I've signed here. Was it a factor that there are some fellow countrymen in this club already? The coach, Louis van Gaal, for example.
Robben: Yeah, I think it also plays a role, I think the coach, van Gaal, is a very good coach for me. He's one of the few coaches today you can learn from as an individual player, so that was a very important thing. And of course van Bommel, who I've known for a very long time, and he helped me come here as well.