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Uli Hoeneß:

‘It’ll be a real boost for Franck'

When Uli Hoeneß speaks, the world listens in. The FCB general manager made public appearances on both Monday and Tuesday, when he reflected on the opening games of the new season in the DFB Cup and the Bundesliga. summarises Hoeneß' key statements, including his thoughts on Franck Ribéry, Michael Rensing, and the fact he no longer watches matches from the dugout.

Uli Hoeneß on…

…the idea that he might watch a match from the south terrace: “I could do it, but it’s not the solution. If I went and stood there, I’d never be left in peace, and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the game. I’d get involved, I’d be jumping up and down, singing and doing the Mexican wave. I’m still employed by Bayern so I have to be able to form a verdict on the match – and that’s easier if you’re sitting quietly somewhere taking it in as a whole.”

…continuing rumours regarding Franck Ribéry: “Let me say this for the 98th time: Franck Ribéry is staying at Bayern. The subject was closed once and for all on 15 July. All the offers that came in after that, or are still to come in, won’t receive a moment’s consideration from us.”

…Ribéry’s possible appearance for France: “France coach Raymond Domenech and Louis van Gaal had a very sensible conversation, in which they laid down what Franck would be doing in training over the next few days. Domenech asked one thing: Wednesday’s game [a World Cup qualifier between France and the Faeroes] is a do-or-die affair for the French. If it ends up being tight, if it’s a draw or the French are losing, he’ll bring Franck on for 20 or 25 minutes. We can’t stop that, and we wouldn’t have a problem with it either, because we want Franck to come back with a big psychological boost. I’m pretty certain he’ll come back highly motivated to play for Bayern Munich. And I’m also certain Franck will be playing for Bayern on Saturday.”