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Lahm and Toni

Players fined for breaches of discipline

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A day after incidents associated with the Bundesliga fixture at home to Schalke 04 on 7 November 2009, FC Bayern Munich has announced disciplinary action against its players Philipp Lahm und Luca Toni.

Prior to Sunday training, club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and head coach Louis van Gaal spoke individually to both players, and to the squad as a whole.

The board of directors has issued the following statement:

With his unauthorised early departure from the Bundesliga match and the Allianz Arena on Saturday, Luca Toni committed an unacceptable breach of club discipline. The board has resolved to levy a substantial fine. In the meantime and notwithstanding the fine, Luca Toni has apologised for his behaviour to the club and his team-mates.

Club vice-captain Philipp Lahm, who gave an interview openly critical of the club, the coach and his team-mates, has violated internal club rules in a flagrant and inexcusable manner as follows:

1) Interviews must be exclusively requested and organised by the club, and submitted to the player for authorisation. This is stipulated by contract and confirmed by every player.
2) Voicing criticism of the club, the coach and team-mates in public is absolutely forbidden at all times.

“Philipp has broken both these clearly-defined agreements,” Rummenigge commented. “We are disappointed, because as our vice-captain, he fundamentally bears a special responsibility towards the team and the club. Philipp Lahm will be punished with a fine heavier than any levied before by FC Bayern Munich.”