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‘Not good enough’

Self-critical stars offer blunt assessment

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Despite consecutive home and away defeats to French Ligue 1 leaders Girondins Bordeaux, Bayern still have a chance of making the Champions League last sixteen. Munich must win their remaining games, at home to Maccabi Haifa and away to Juventus, and hope the men from Turin do not beat Bordeaux in their next match. So although there is still hope, Bayern’s fate is no longer solely in their own hands.

“We’re not out yet. We still have a small chance, but we’re dependent on Bordeaux,” confirmed Louis van Gaal in the aftermath of Wednesday evening’s sobering 2-0 defeat at home to Girondins Bordeaux. “To make progress in the Champions League, you have to be winning your home games. We’ve had two of our home fixtures and won neither. I’m bitterly disappointed,” commented Jörg Butt.