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FCB announce initiative

Respect and recognition for opponents and fans

With the start of the second half of the Bundesliga season on Friday 15 January 2010, FC Bayern Munich is launching an initiative centred on mutual respect, recognition, tolerance and overall fair play.

“Hospitality, respect and acceptance of the opposing team and their travelling fans are – for all our sporting rivalry on the field of play – an important aspect of a shared afternoon or evening at the football,” commented FC Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

“We wish to convey the message that football is not a platform for insults and hostility, it is a wonderful shared experience at the stadium. FC Bayern wishes to convey the message that our visitors should be welcomed to the Allianz Arena with all the mutual respect and hospitality rightly due to visitors and friends.”

Alongside ongoing efforts to avoid conflict in the build-up to matches and ensure a positive atmosphere at the game, including a reasoned approach, appeals for fair play, and close liaison with fan club officials, the initiative introduces a number of new elements.

For example, visiting supporters will be offered the opportunity to position their flag bearers on the field of play when the teams emerge from the tunnel before kick-off, publicly and appropriately emphasising the shared nature of the experience. At the end of the match, all Bayern players will immediately proceed to the centre-circle and shake hands with their opponents.

“This is intended as a sign that, whatever may have happened in the course of the match and for all the sporting zeal, it is all forgotten at the final whistle, as we should deal with each other in a decent, fair and respectful manner,” Rummenigge continued. “Fans should adopt this attitude in and around the stadium. And it would be good if as many Bundesliga 1 and 2 clubs as possible were to align themselves with this initiative.”