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Reaction to Bayern v Mainz

Van Gaal: That was our best home display

For the third week in a row, Bayern have increased the pressure on Bayer Leverkusen with an impressive win on the day before the Bundesliga leaders’ own match. The Munich camp was understandably upbeat after the 3-0 victory over Mainz. “That was our best home display,” declared Louis van Gaal. “We gave it our all, because Mainz aren’t easy to beat,” said goalscorer Daniel van Buyten.

Reaction to Bayern v Mainz:

Louis van Gaal: “That was our best home display so far. I don’t think you can ever beat Mainz easily, their keeper stops everything you throw at his goal. But he finally went and made a mistake in the second half. We created a lot of chances and kept the pressure on their keeper. I thought we were very good in possession against a totally defensive team. I’m very satisfied, because I’ve seen some good goals scored by a very good Bayern team.”

Arjen Robben: “The weather was very poor and took some getting used to. Those were very difficult conditions for good football. At half-time we said to ourselves: we have to stay cool, because we’ll keep making chances. But it was far from easy today.”