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Bayern boss Rummenigge:

Criticism vital to fend off ‘rude awakening’

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Bayern enter the most intense phase of the season on a tidal wave of success, but impending club business includes contract negotiations, and the fall-out from a spat at association level. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge addressed these topics and more in an appearance on Bavarian TV’s popular Blickpunkt Sport this week. summarises the Bayern chairman’s key statements.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on…

…Louis van Gaal’s criticism after the win in Wolfsburg:
“I thought it was right and terrific. After winning eight in a row, you tend to get sloppy. Voices were raised, but the players knew at once what the coach was on about. Let’s not forget we’ve only played four games since the winter break, and the intense phase is only just upon us. If we make the kind of mistakes we made on Saturday, there’ll be a rude awakening in the Champions League. Louis van Gaal thought: Nip it in the bud! That was van Gaal the psychologist.“

…Louis van Gaal:
“Louis van Gaal has always been totally authentic and professional. He’s not always an easy person, but he’s a total pro – and that’s exactly what we wanted. A guy who would keep pushing and developing the team. We’re very happy with him, because we’re in a very successful phase. It wasn’t so good at the start, so it was vital to stay calm and sort things through rationally. I reckon that’s when he realised he could put his faith in the club.“

…the apparent policy of handing players over 30 a one-year deal:
“We did it with Mark van Bommel last season, but it wasn’t a policy. Last week, we offered Daniel van Buyten two years, so nothing’s cast in stone. We need to know that a player fits in at Bayern, and believe he can still deliver for at least two more years at the highest level. It’s the case with Daniel van Buyten, and I wouldn’t rule it out with Mark van Bommel either. I spoke to Mark last week, and I had the impression the duration wasn’t the main issue for him. He told us he’d be very happy to stay at Bayern. We’re extremely happy with his performances and he’s a fantastic captain. We’ll negotiate with him soon, and I’m optimistic we’ll find a solution. That also applies to Jörg Butt, who’s having a first-class season.“