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They all count…

Goalscorer Klose targets regular starts

At the moment Arjen Robben unleashed a rasping drive, Miro Klose’s nose for a chance took him away from his marker and into space in front of goal. Ivica Olic squared the rebound and Miro nodded into the empty net, sealing Bayern’s crucial 2-1 Champions League home win over Fiorentina. The only slight flaw was that Klose had strayed at least a yard offside, a fact missed by the referee and his assistant.

“I have to admit it was a close call,” Klose remarked the following day, a ghost of a smile on his lips. But the striker was soon deadly serious. “If it’s given, it counts,” he pointed out, “I’ve ‘scored’ in the past, where I’ve not been offside, but it’s been disallowed anyway. These things even themselves out.”