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‘We lacked concentration’

Van Gaal critical despite deserved victory

Bayern beat champions Wolfsburg 3-1 and drew level in the standings with leaders Leverkusen, but coach Louis van Gaal declared himself “very angry. We were arrogant and lacked concentration.” Arjen Robben agreed that the men in red were less focused than normal, “but it can happen, we’re only human.” However, no-one was complaining about the outcome. “It’s obviously a good result for us,” agreed Van Gaal.

Reaction to Wolfsburg v Bayern:

Louis van Gaal: “We started extremely well, but after going 2-0 up we lost concentration and allowed Wolfsburg too many chances. I don’t think we played good football today. I’m very angry, we were arrogant. And if we’re going to be arrogant, we have to put together great moves, but we didn’t. We lacked concentration today, but we have to concentrate all the time and not start playing arrogant football after going a goal or two up. But it’s obviously a good result for us.”

Arjen Robben: “We didn’t play particularly well. Wolfsburg had too many chances in the first half. We were short on concentration, although it can happen, we’re only human. Despite it all, we were 2-0 up at half-time, and I think winning 3-1 away to Wolfsburg has to go down as a good performance.”