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Interview: Mehmet Scholl

‘I’ve definitely caught the coaching bug’

The Bayern reserves have been champing at the bit for weeks now, as game after game has fallen victim to the harsh Munich winter. The FCB second string finally return to the third division fray on Wednesday at home to Heidenheim. Prior to the match, caught up with coach Mehmet Scholl, quizzing him on the packed schedule until the end of the season, his team’s progress, and his forthcoming coaching course.

Interview: Mehmet Scholl Mehmet, the mid-season break ended eight weeks ago, but your team’s only played four times this year. How are you coping?
Scholl: “We’re professionals and have to make the best of the situation. We’re training well, although the artificial surface isn’t ideal. But the end of the winter’s in sight now, and we’ll return to a normal playing rhythm. We’ll be playing twice a week, which could be an advantage, even though we’re not accustomed to it. We can handle it physically. We have young players and they’re all fit.” How could playing twice a week be beneficial?
Scholl: “It’s much more difficult to retain your focus when you’re only playing every two weeks. If you have a game every three days, you’ve no time to think about anything else. It's nothing but football.” How hard has it been keeping up squad morale recently?
Scholl: “We’ve deliberately made every training session competitive. Every session ends with winners and losers. The team has really improved in terms of its response to competitive situations.” Bayern II have managed four games since the winter break, winning three and losing one. Are you happy with that?
Scholl: “Yes, although there are a number of areas where we have to improve. When we attack, we’re still choosing the wrong passing option too often, or my strikers are making the wrong runs. Where we’ve really picked up is in defence. We’re allowing opponents far fewer chances and we’re conceding fewer goals, which obviously improves your chances of winning a match.”