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Flawless display

Jubilant Bayern maintain treble quest

It's not that Olympique Lyon didn’t give it all they had. A full hour before kick-off, the Stade Gerland was a cauldron of noise and colourful exuberance. Coach Claude Puel leapt about his coaching zone, wildly gesticulating to his players, and Bayern bogey man Sydney Govou started the match. But it was in vain: at the final whistle, the elation and jubilation was all reserved for the travelling supporters’ enclosure.

Later, the playing and coaching staff shone with pride and delight as they acknowledged a rapturous reception at the post-match banquet. Sponsors and fans rose from their seats with cries of “Bravo” or “Finale, oho!” and cheered for sheer joy. “It’s an extraordinarily good day,” Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in his speech, “things are happening which many people didn’t think could happen to Bayern before the season started. It could end up a historic season.”