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Uli Hoeneß:

We looked like a team destined for the final

Bayern’s 1-0 victory over Olympique Lyon in Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg hands the Bundesliga leaders a better than evens chance of making the final for the first time since 2001. FCB President Uli Hoeneß was understandably upbeat after the Allianz Arena clash, as he discussed the match, Franck Ribéry’s sending off and Bayern’s team spirit with reporters.

Uli Hoeneß after the Lyon clash

Is the Bayern side we saw tonight worth a place in the Champions League final?
Uli Hoeneß: “It was an outstanding performance from the first minute to the last. We played the way a team looking to make the final has to play. Lyon were played off the park for long spells. Even when we were down to ten men, we totally dominated the match. We were basically worth at least one more goal, but as we’ve not conceded, the 1-0 score puts us in a very good position for the return.”

What’s your assessment of the red card for Franck Ribéry?
“I don’t think you can give that. It was a foul from the front, not from behind or the side. It’s debateable whether you should give anything at all, but if so, it’s a yellow. A red card for that is very questionable.”

How long do you think he’ll be banned?
“We’ll have to wait and see. We have the return in Lyon first and then we’ll look at it again. Obviously, he won’t be playing in Lyon.”

Will you be confident when you head to France?
“If we keep playing with the resolve we showed today, we can move mountains. We can’t be totally relaxed about going to Lyon, but we can be very confident. If we play like we’ve done today, we have a good chance of making the final.”

What do you think about the team’s determination recently?
“I’m amazed at the energy in our performances. We can be proud of this team. They’ve been outstanding for weeks now.”

What of Arjen Robben, the man for the decisive goals?
“You need to stop singling out individuals. You need to stop because we’re fighting as a team.”

But it’s remarkable that he keeps coming up with vital goals, isn’t it?
“Yes, but he did cost us 25 million Euros. He has to come up with a bit more than a player who only cost two million.”