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Jörg Butt

‘You have to savour moments like these’

Jörg Butt was an unwilling cheerleader, but Mark van Bommel insisted the veteran keeper mount the fence in front of the south terrace faithful and lead the celebrations. Former HSV and Leverkusen star Jörg had every reason to be elated: Bayern had effectively sealed the title, and it was the first trophy of his career, at the grand old age of 35. spoke to the keeper the following day.

Interview: Jörg Butt Congratulations, Jörg! How was the party?
Butt: “Naturally, the squad had a get-together and the mood was superb. You’ve got to savour moments like these, but we didn’t overdo it. I was home by one o’clock. We still have work to do this season. We have two days off now, and then we’re back up to speed on Wednesday.” The sight of you up on the fence in front of the south bank isn’t something we see very often. Were you overcome by emotion, or were you forced into it by Mark van Bommel?
Butt: “I allowed myself to be persuaded by Mark a bit, but it was a very emotional moment too. It was personally very special, because it’s my first trophy. But it’s also special, because this is a special team. It’s been an eventful season with highs and lows. At the crisis moments, especially before Christmas, we pulled together as a team, which is ultimately why we’ve won the league, and we’re in the DFB cup and Champions League finals. A lot has gone right if you’re still in three competitions at the end of the season.” You were chasing a treble in 2002 with Bayer Leverkusen, but came away empty-handed. What’s the difference this time?
Butt: “We had a sensational season with Leverkusen in 2002, although that tends to be forgotten, because we won nothing. We played unbelievably attractive football, like Bayern now. But injuries and suspension took their toll at the end, Jens Nowotny and Zé Roberto both missed the Champions League final, for example. We have greater quality and depth here at Bayern, and we can compensate well for absent players.” It's your first league title. Is that a relief?
Butt: “I view it a bit differently from the media, who keep going on about not winning anything in 2002. But I had an outstanding four years with Hamburg. And no-one thought Leverkusen would be up there at the top of the Bundesliga, let alone reach the Champions League final. But obviously, in the course of a career, you are hoping to pick up a medal or two. At the end of the day, trophies are what matter, which is why I came to Bayern. I’m delighted it’s worked out – and I’m confident there’s more to come this season.”