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Reaction to the final

Coach: The smallest things make the difference

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The Bayern camp was disappointed at losing to Inter, but no-one was in the mood for recriminations after a season which still delivered so much. An eighth domestic double and a place in the Champions League final was more than all but the most optimistic fans expected, so the reaction to the defeat combined respect for Inter’s efficiency, pride at this term’s achievements, and determination to do just as well next season.

Reaction to Bayern v Inter

Louis van Gaal: “We weren’t good enough to impose ourselves on the game today, and that’s a shame. Against a team like Inter, and with our attacking orientation, you have to be on peak form. We weren’t today, but we’re only human. The game was exactly as I expected. We attacked, and Inter reacted. It's obviously easier to defend than attack. But despite that, Inter deserved to win. The timing of the goals was decisive, and my players have learned today that the smallest things make the difference. Müller had both corners to aim at after half-time. He’s normally ruthless in front of goal. This time he wasn’t, but Milito was. These are the small thing which settle it. Nevertheless, it’s been a great season.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “Inter were outstanding and deserved to win. Obviously, you’re disappointed about losing the final when you’ve had such a fantastic season. I’ve been in the dressing room, and the players are naturally gutted. But all the same, we leave Madrid with our heads held high. Now we’ll see if we can emulate what we did after 1999, and try and win the Champions League in the next two years.”

Christian Nerlinger: “I think Inter Milan deserved to win today. They were more mature, their balance was better, and they took their chances ruthlessly. So their victory today was merited. I think we were a little cramped, I don’t think we ever hit our peak over the full 90 minutes, we never managed the 100 percent you need to win a final like this. Making the final is a massive success in itself. We’ll pick ourselves up and go for it again next season. Overall, it’s been an outstanding season.”