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FCB anthem: ‘Go to Bernabeu'

Görlitz: It was done in two and a half hours

Andreas Görlitz has just a 16-minute DFB Cup appearance to his name this term, with four outings for the reserves. “But I’ve still learned a lot,” the 28-year-old told The player has other talents too, teaming up with Munich pop star Tommy Reeve and his band Room 77 to record Go to Bernabeu. Görlitz spoke about the anthem for the final, the season, and his future plans.

Interview: Andreas Görlitz Andi, how did the Champions League final anthem come about?
Andreas Görlitz: “The idea came up on the return flight from Lyon, but we let it lie until a chance meeting with Tommy Reeve. He knew me as a footballer who plays music too, and we talked about the idea. Tommy thought it was great, so I asked if he’d help out. He’s a music industry pro, but we’re just part-timers.”

So you all went into the studio?
“We met up at our rehearsal rooms and just got on with it. It went pretty well. We had no paper, so we scribbled the lyrics on a pizza box. Tommy had a rough idea of how it should sound, and it was done in two and a half hours. We went into the studio a couple of days later and recorded it.”