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Reluctant Van Gaal ‘will get wet’

Bastian Schweinsteiger is Bayern’s expert for handing out the customary showers of beer which always characterise trophy celebrations in Germany. The 25-year-old, who will lift the Bundesliga shield for the fifth time on Saturday, even ‘hit’ chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge during a post-match interview in 2008 (picture). Schweini told that the tradition will continue in Berlin - and Louis van Gaal should watch out.

Interview; Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian, the coach has said he doesn’t like being showered in beer, and isn’t taking a second suit with him to Berlin.
Bastian Schweinsteiger: “That would be careless, although he’s told us he might be wearing training kit for the game. I’m sure all the board member will actually pack a fresh suit.”

Have you already selected Louis van Gaal’s assailant?
“A couple of players may well have talked it through. And I’ve heard a couple volunteer as well, although I’m not saying who. But the coach can rest assured: he’ll get wet on Saturday.”

You’ll be celebrating a 22nd German title, and Hertha are taking leave of the top flight.
“Yes, it’ll be a bit odd. I’m sorry Hertha are going down, but that won’t affect our party. We’re not responsible for Hertha dropping into the second division.”

What does a fifth league winners’ medal mean to you personally?
“I think this is the best so far, because I have far greater responsibility in defensive midfield. It's also bee a great recovery from a tough start to the season.”

But you’re not just going to Berlin to collect the shield, are you?
“No, the game’s the priority. We want to win, or it’ll spoil the party. And we want to end the season with the best defence, and could end with the best attack. Winning would also be important with respect to the two upcoming finals, so we’ll give it 100 percent on Saturday. We’ll play good football and win.”

So you can chase the two remaining trophies on the back of a win?
“Exactly. The league title’s in the bag, but we could win two more trophies. Whatever, I’m hoping Saturday won’t be the last shower of beer this season.”