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‘It’s wonderful’

Wild celebrations as title party starts

Louis van Gaal has insisted on positional discipline and pressing since the start of the season, but he may have been regretting it after the match in Berlin, as Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mark van Bommel, Daniel van Buyten and Danijel Pranjic closed off the coach’s space, Hamit Altintop prevented Van Gaal escaping, and Schweinsteiger unleashed the first traditional Weißbier shower.

“Five or six of them came after me. But I did quite well, I wasn’t completely soaked,” said the 58-year-old after escaping his first beer shower relatively unscathed. “But I dropped my guard a little, and they came back at me.” During the lap of honour, Van Bommel caught the coach from behind with the entire contents of a three-litre beer glass. Van Gaal took it in good part: “It’s wonderful!”