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Rummenigge on..

…1860, Van der Wiel and the new season

Both the World Cup and the court case over TSV 1860 Munich’s unpaid catering bills are history, so Bayern are free to focus on the new season. Are the double winners planning to enter the transfer market? Will the Bundesliga restart present as many problems as last year? Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge faced the press on Wednesday, covering all these topics and more.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on…

…the legal action against TSV 1860 Munich: “We’re not in the slightest bit surprised by the verdict. 1860 have lost the case in spectacular fashion. It would have been outrageous if we’d lost. What are contracts for? And the contracts in question were revised in 1860’s favour back in 2006. Claiming after the event that we’d stolen the air they need to breathe is just a fantasy invented for the press. All the 1860 management’s chicanery over the last few months has been laid to rest today. They’ve been unmasked. Despite all this, we’d be well advised not to get on our high horse, but to remain businesslike. I have the impression the Lions are on their knees financially at the moment. But I don’t kick a man when he’s down.”

…whether TSV 1860 might move out of the Allianz Arena: “We know nothing more than we’ve read in the media. As of today, no officer of 1860 Munich has approached the Bayern München AG board and requested talks, at which a solution might be presented. If 1860 came to us and we were able to work out a clean, workable, fair solution, we wouldn’t oppose it.”

…Bayern’s transfer plans: “As we’ve always said, we have great faith in the current team. We have great players in all areas of the team. Our success last season rather proves that point. If we were to do anything, it would be in one defensive position. But we’ll have to wait and see.”

…a move to sign Gregory van der Wiel: “The reports so far aren’t just made up, but I can’t say anything definitive about it at the moment, because we’ve yet to take a final decision. We’re checking things over, and we need to speak to the coach again. Then we’ll see what happens. We theoretically have until 31 August. Sometimes you have to take things nice and easy, so the prices don’t rise too high.”

…the start of the season after the World Cup: “I’m not worried that we might mess up the start, although it obviously won’t be easy. Our World Cup players are now taking a three-week break, which isn’t a lot after the season they’ve had. But I’m sure the coach can cope, and I’m sure we’ll play well and win games from the first day on. I’m optimistic, I think we’ll get off the blocks well.”