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Danijel’s second season

Pranjic: I’ll fight for my place in the team

Danijel Pranjic arrived at Bayern a year ago. The Croatia international joined Germany’s most successful club from Dutch top flight outfit SC Heerenveen, but it was not all plain sailing for the newcomer. He clocked up 31 appearances in Bayern’s 53 games last term, 21 as a member of the starting line-up.

Pranjic intends to better that record in his second season with FCB. Interviewed exclusively by, the 28-year-old reviewed his first 12 months at the club, and looked forward to the new campaign with some optimism: “I’m certain it’ll be a better season for me, and we’ll see the ‘real’ Danijel Pranjic.”

Interview: Danijel Pranjic Danijel, the first phase of pre-season training is almost over. How are you feeling?
Danijel Pranjic: Good. Training has never been a problem for me, and I’m always happy to run. We have another ten days off now, which could be a problem if we don’t do something on our own initiative.

Your first season at Bayern wasn’t without its problems.
Yes, I had a few problems at the start, because I wasn’t in my favourite position, and we weren’t playing well as a team. And after I lost my place in the team, it was hard getting it back. But I think the games I played in the right position were OK. I’m confident about myself again now. I’m certain it’ll be a better season for me, and we’ll see the ‘real’ Danijel Pranjic.

So what is your favoured position? Last season, you played on the left side of defence, in left midfield, and in the holding role.
My best position is in the middle, where I get to play the ball a lot. That's where I feel at home, that's my best position.