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All-Munich combination

Van Buyten left to lament ‘silly goal’

The goal was straight out of the Bayern playbook: Bastian Schweinsteiger recovered possession, Thomas Müller delivered the final ball, and Miroslav Klose slotted home. However, the game did not involve the Bundesliga champions. The goal came after 51 minutes of Germany’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Belgium in Brussels on Friday night. And as it was not a Bayern goal, not all the Munich stars on the pitch were celebrating.

Daniel van Buyten was playing for the home team, and it was he who lost possession to Schweinsteiger on the edge of his own box. “I probably should have got rid of it quicker,” the big defender lamented, although he was unwilling to take sole responsibility for the error which ultimately decided the match. “Marouane [Fellaini] should have booted it 40 yards up field instead of trying to play pretty stuff with me in front of our own goal.”

Congratulations all round

Van Buyten, Schweinsteiger and a gaggle of FCB men gathered afterwards in the area of the field where, had he made it, Fellaini’s clearance might have landed. The Munich team-mates shook hands in the centre-circle and congratulated each other on a good game. “Schweinsteiger said to me that they were lucky, and on another day, we could have won it,” reported Van Buyten, “and Klose told me a few times during the match that it was difficult for Germany.”

An all Bayern combination delivered the goal which ultimately won the match, but Van Buyten returns to Munich with his head held high after he and his team-mates pushed the side which finished third at the World Cup all the way. “I don’t think my team-mates will be taking the mickey,” the defender continued, “we played well, but we’ve conceded a silly goal.”